The purest sounds from Blues through to the mystical tones of Hendrix

I have got to give the Prophet guitar 12 out of 10. The tone is stunning, it just oozes out of it. I haven’t played a guitar that gives you so much inspiration.

MadTurk’s philosophy is quite simple: if your guitar has a clean, rich deep tone and allowed to sustain in harmony with the whole guitar, then that tone can be shaped by the musician to any tone he wants. You can shape a pure tone to sound dirty but you can’t make a dirty sound clean, to coin a hi-fi phrase: “rubbish in – rubbish out”.

There is good reason why the tone of vintage guitars is highly sought after and there’s no great secret why they sound the way they do. Despite mass manufacturing techniques being used on many vintage models, they were still finished and set up by hand; it was about attention to detail and good craftsmanship. We apply the same vintage methods with precision and use the best technology available in achieving that vintage tone. Choice of woods, nitro cellulose paint, applied in thin coats so as not to damp the tone of the wood, quality hardware, hand wound pick-ups along with optimised set-ups, all contribute to our guitars’ unique sound.

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Pimp or Buy

Not everyone may want a new guitar or can afford one for that matter. If you have a mass-manufactured guitar you’re fond of, we can pimp it to bring it up to custom levels.

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