New Deliveries

Been busy delivering various guitars recently and hence a break in the blogs for the various subjects of what makes great tone. I will carry on shortly with topics of paint, pick-ups, and settings in various articles.

In the meantime I pimped a great little strat for Tom Robinson (read here) which sounds terrific now. It was a great guitar anyway but needed to be set-up properly. It is so often that guitarists think a well known brand bought in a shop will work perfectly from word go. It simply isn’t the case as no mass manufacturer has the time or funds to set up a guitar to its full potential but simply set it up for “average” performance, unless of course you buy a custom series one at huge cost!

Also performed a full pimping job on Keith Mouland’s telecaster It was a complete rebuild including the new MadTurk hand-scatter-wound vintage spec pick-ups. He is over the moon and bringing his Strat in for the same treatment this week!! I will be taking a video camera to one of his gigs to show the new pimped guitar in action. (Keith is a great player/singer/songwriter, find him here

The best reward is when you see a customer’s jaw drop in emotion and happiness
when they get their hands on a new guitars. My great moment this week was to take along a new “custom-built” MadTurk guitar to Pete Sherburne of the HopBack Blues Band. Another great player and musician and with a collection of great Fenders and Gibsons. I built a special midnight blue MadTurk Prophet Model guitar with my Vintage Strat pick-ups and all the other trickery I know and the look of delight in his face when he plugged in was simply worth all the hard work. I will put up some pictures and videos of this guitar soon as well. Needless to say he’s knocked out by it and it has now become his main guitar. Can’t get a better praise than that! I’m sure he’ll put up a few words in due course, if he can put the guitar down!

Now have to get back to some serious work on a Peerless Semi!

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