MadTurk T-Blade for Andy Boulton of Tokyo Blade

Andy Boulton of Tokyo Blade has commissioned his own custom version guitar from MadTurk Guitars, now named as MadTurk T-Blade.

This model is now available to everyone who want the best possible guitar, purpose built to the specifications of a real master player of Heavy Metal. Here is Andy talking about and demonstrating his MadTurk T-Blade along with how he gets his sound with great insight into his pedals, amps and techniques, don’t miss it!

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Andy Boulton of Tokyo Blade has a new MadTurk Prophet Custom guitar

For a new project Andy needed a new guitar which would have the great vintage tones of a 60’s Strat. An original one would of course cost thousands and very hard to find but as he’s already a user of MadTurk guitars, with his T-Blade Custom version, he decided to go for a full custom Prophet which would give him the tone and playability of the vintage 60’s Strat but also be specifically customised to his own very exacting specifications.

He was over the moon with his new Prophet and made this demo to show what this guitar is capable of, simply; best vintage tone possible with a traditional build that is affordable, an instrument to cherish.

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Restoration of a 63/64 Fender Strat

Another casualty of the 70’s and another chance to restore a beautiful guitar to its original specs! 70’s was notorious for destroying some great guitars, not deliberately of course as it was a time of change for fashion and a ten year old plain guitar was simply seen as an old guitar that looked really old fashioned and square. Oh the benefit of hindsight right?
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Road Worn Or Road Abused

road-worn-strat copy


The question of “Road Worn” has been floating around for quite some time now and there are a huge number of these versions out there both from DIY enthusiasts to guitar builders all the way to the manufacturers who are always happy to beat up a guitar and charge you extra money for it. It’s much like many youngsters who will pay enormous amounts of money for a pair of jeans that’s been ripped, stained, frayed and faded in pursuit of the latest fashion trends.

I am often asked to carry out this procedure which I always refuse. I do not have it in my heart to take a perfectly made guitar and completely ruin it, instead I prefer to take an old abused or modified guitar to restore it to its former glory and aged suitably as you will see in my website. Continue reading

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Restoration of a Genuine Vintage 60’s Fender Stratocaster

There are times in life when you get what you wish for and restoring this great vintage Strat was one of those times. It’s more and more rare to find a true vintage guitar, let alone one to do a full restoration on. I am grateful to my client for knowing my work and trusting me to pull his beloved guitar to pieces!

The guitar has a very interesting history. It was purchased used in the 70’s in London, a blonde Strat with a standard neck and parts which all pointed to a 70’s one. It was his main guitar for many years and as time passed, he bought other guitars and this one was put to one side for quite a while. Recently he took it out again and brought it to me with quite a few questions. Continue reading

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62 & 64 Fender Strats to work on!

Sometimes you get what you wish for and recently I have been given the task of working on two Strats, a 62 and a 64! They were brought over by Peter Vardigans who owns a great collection of guitars and a great guitarist to boot.

The 62 was in a good condition (even though it has lost most its paint with a lot of dings – looks great!) and needed a good set-up. One always has to avoid the temptation to try and restore everything back to new so great care has to be taken to make the choices of the amount of restoration on such a guitar. After all, it’s many of those worn parts that gives it the tone. The guitar was taken apart and each part was examined to make sure nothing was badly wrong, often you can find problems with the truss-rod, frets etc but in the case of this 62, nothing was badly worn, just nicely worn so it was left. Continue reading

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What difference does the choice of wood make?

I’m always asked about the types of wood for guitars and what affect they have on the overall sound. The answer is not so simple because some guitars are affected less and some to a great extent.

Guitars that have high output pickups, especially humbuckers are affected less because you’re basically hearing the sound of the pickup with small amount of the “character” of the wood. Humbuckers also do not have the very clean top end or the extended bottom that single coils do so the result is less “character” from the wood. This of course is why some people prefer humbuckers and some single coil pickups. To me the most important difference is the dynamics produced from single coils. Humbuckers tend to have a more rounded compressed sound that many guitarists like and again the type of wood will have a small affect but the bell like dynamic attack you can get on a single coil is greatly shaped by the type of wood used. This is the main difference in the sound between a Strat and a Les Paul. Continue reading

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New Deliveries

Been busy delivering various guitars recently and hence a break in the blogs for the various subjects of what makes great tone. I will carry on shortly with topics of paint, pick-ups, and settings in various articles.

In the meantime I pimped a great little strat for Tom Robinson (read here) which sounds terrific now. It was a great guitar anyway but needed to be set-up properly. It is so often that guitarists think a well known brand bought in a shop will work perfectly from word go. It simply isn’t the case as no mass manufacturer has the time or funds to set up a guitar to its full potential but simply set it up for “average” performance, unless of course you buy a custom series one at huge cost!

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Best guitars in the world – Period!

There is no argument.

MadTurk’s philosophy is quite simple; if your guitar has a clean, rich deep tone and allowed to sustain in harmony with the whole guitar, then that tone can be shaped by the musician to any tone he wants. You can shape a pure tone to sound dirty but you can’t make a dirty sound clean, to coin a hi-fi phrase:

“rubbish in – rubbish out”

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