Hand crafted, custom guitars, capturing the pure tone of the instruments

Just sitting around playing this thing has fired up ideas and is a bit of a joy!

The Prophet: Clean, deep, bell-like tones with long decay sustain

The Preacher: Ultra clean, highly accurate tones with massive attack and medium decay sustain

Andy Boulton T-Blade: Purpose built to the specifications of a real master of Heavy Metal

MadTurk Guitars are all hand crafted and based on classic shapes with vintage building techniques in order to capture the pure tone of the instruments. Every technique of traditional craft is employed from choice of woods, nitro cellulose paint, hand tinted and lacquered, hand-wound pickups, high-grade electronic components, compound necks, through to the best hardware chosen for accuracy and tone.

Once the instrument is built, it is rested to make sure all parts settle down fully and then set up to extract every ounce of tone and sustain from the combination of the materials chosen. The choice of these has been acquired over many years of experience and research of true craftsmanship. Of course advances made in guitar building has not been ignored at the expense of vintage principals and every modern technique of electronic, mechanical and acoustical advance is employed to full advantage. Our designers, besides being experienced musicians have between them degrees in acoustical, mechanical, electronic engineering as well as fashion design.

If you cannot afford our guitars or you have a guitar that is an old friend to you, we can ‘pimp’ your guitar to give your it a sound that Hendrix would have been proud of playing.