The Preacher

I am so pleased I bought it, as it is the most articulate axe which emphasises playing technique with just the right amount of sensitivity.

The Preacher is a guitar with ultra clean, highly accurate tones with massive attack and medium decay sustain.

Ash body for a rich bright tone, maple neck and fretboard fitted with jumbo frets and bone nut, small headstock for tuned resonance, hand-wound low impact pick-ups to allow long sustain, low friction saddles, high-grade pots with low-oxygen pure copper wiring,  nitro cellulose tint and lacquer for low even damping.

  • Solid Ash body
  • Maple Neck with your choice of maple or rosewood fretboard, fret size, neck shapes.
  • Vintage Bone Nut
  • Through body string ferrules
  • Vintage type brass compensated saddles
  • Vintage Kluson machine heads
  • Vintage Nitro-Cellulose paint finish, your choice of colour
  • 3 ply vintage plate
  • Hi-Grade plastic track professional pots, solid core oxygen-free wiring
  • MadTurk Vintage 50/60 Handwound Custom Tele pickup set
  • Hard Case

If you cannot afford our guitars or you have a guitar that is an old friend to you, we can ‘pimp’ your guitar to give your it a sound that Hendrix would have been proud of playing.