Your own guitar pimped into a MadTurk guitar

In the 17 years I have owned that guitar, it has never sounded as good as it does now. I don’t know what he did to it but it now sounds and plays great!

There really isn’t that much difference between guitars as far as materials and number of bits are concerned, after all a guitar is not a complicated instrument. They’re mostly made of wood, have strings stretched over a saddle and nut over a wooden neck with some electrics thrown in. What makes the difference is the way craftsmanship is applied and the choices of materials for the critical parts of the hardware used. Mass produced guitars are built to a price and sold for the maximum profit possible for the manufacturer. There’s nothing wrong with that, otherwise many could not afford to have a guitar at all.

If you can’t afford a custom guitar but would like one, here’s a unique chance to get your very own MadTurk Custom Guitar. If you already have a guitar you like and are used to, but feel it’s not up to the quality of a top grade custom guitar, you might be surprised to know that it probably could be! We will strip down your guitar to its bare bones and rebuild it as we build our own guitars.

Tell us what make/model, condition of the guitar you have and we can give you a rough estimate for the work. We can give an exact fixed price once we’ve seen the guitar and will discuss the extent of the work you wish to undertake. Not all of the suggested modifications may be necessary for every guitar and the work will depend very much on the original quality of the guitar. Some high quality mass manufactured guitars will need much less work and cheaper guitars may need more.

Whatever the level, you will realise the potential of your guitar to become an instrument of great tone that sonically is a challenge to any other. You will not believe the difference in your instrument as you become the proud owner of a cherished MadTurk custom guitar.

Check our blog for some of our philosophies and techniques on our claims along with information on the materials and how they affect tone. Contact us if you have any questions. We like to help.

  • Modifications made to the guitar body
    1. strip away the mass market paint that is applied which chokes the acoustical properties of the wood,
    2. re-spray it with the vintage nitro cellulose paint and lacquer in multiple coats to tune the wood,
    3. refurbish the neck and check the frets, replace if needed,
    4. refurbish or replace truss-rod and tune
    5. modify attack angle of the strings, neck angle,
    6. check tolerances of all the fit.
  • Modifications made to the hardware
    1. tune the saddle assembly,
    2. upgrade parts where necessary with latest low friction/resonance parts,
    3. tighten tolerances,
    4. change the nut to bone or graphite and set tolerance,
    5. check, replace tuners, string retainers,
    6. tune the complete assembly.
  • Modifications made to the electrics
    1. strip down completely,
    2. rewire with high grade cabling,
    3. change all pots, switches, connectors to pro quality ones,
    4. replace pickups with hand-wound custom ones,
    5. check shielding  and modify if needed,
    6. check stratchplate and replace with high grade one if necessary.
  • Set-up (once all the above is complete)
    1. settle the guitar,
    2. tune all parts and tolerances,
    3. set desired heights,
    4. tune pickups to choice of strings,
    5. soak the whole assembly to settle for final time,
    6. recheck all settings.