It simply sounded blinding and immediately harking back to those great clean chord tones of Hendrix we all wonder about

Restoration is one of the most controversial areas of guitar servicing and repairs. We have many years of experience restoring guitars for a multitude of reasons, from damaged guitars to guitars that have been ruined due to bad repairs or set-ups.

RestorationĀ isn’tĀ just for vintage guitars but many later guitars from the 80s and 90s can also be restored to their full glory when they get worn down and tired. Very often a full restoration can bring a guitar to a better condition than the original, due to the fact that we restore guitars to their original design specs and not as they were bought from a shop.

A restorer’s experience and quality is best confirmed by the guitars they are trusted with. A recent example of a full restoration of a vintage 60s Fender Stratocaster with possible connection to Hendrix is the best endorsement any restorer can have.

You can read about the full story of this very exciting project on this blog post.